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Before Applying for Admission or picking a form at Arwyp Medical Centre, there are certain requirements set up for aspiring candidates to take note of, therefore, We have taken time to outline the Arwyp admission requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as other members of the institute.

Arwyp Medical Centre Admission Requirements

Arwyp Medical Centre admission requirements for 2022 applicants are available below and are divided into two (2) sessions, there are;

Minimum Requirements

Remember to bring the following with you to the hospital:
  • Doctors Note
  • Copy of Identity Document
  • Copy of Medical Aid Card
  • Suretyship Form
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Laparoscopy Report (if required)
  • Injury Report (if required)
  • Discovery Dental Form (if required)
  • Liberty Claims Form (if required)
  • There are limits to the number of students that can be admitted to each programme as this is dependent on the accredited capacity of the South African Nursing Council. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance or automatic registration to the specified programme. Candidates will be required to undergo testing and interviews as a means to further screen candidates.
  • Candidates in possession of health-related post-matric experience/certificate will be registered as per the identified quota for that group as specified below:
    • Scholars: 50%
    • Candidates with pre-NSC Grade 12 certificate: 20%
    • Candidates with health-related post-matric experience/certificate: 10%
    • Serving Officers: 20%

Please note that admission requirements are subject to change and the college:

  • will invest heavily in nurses for ECDoH facilities;
  • will not invest in candidates that have attempted other avenues for example dropped out of universities/technikons/colleges and;
  • will not invest in candidates that are in possession of other qualifications. Should this be discovered at any stage during the process, the candidate will be disqualified.

 ➡ SEE – Apply for Admission at Arwyp Medical Centre.


Please know that all applications are processed within ten days after the closing date as specified on the notice/advertisement/brochure/website.

If the application document is not complete the application will not be processed. An application is considered as incomplete if any of the documents listed under point 2 are not attached. Such application will not be considered for selection.

Candidates who do not meet the academic requirements will be eliminated and informed by the appointed administrative person within 10 working days following the completion of the paper selection.

Note that fees are non-refundable.

An application is considered incomplete if the Documents Required to be submitted with Application Form is not attached. Such application will not be considered for selection.


We will always advise you to relate deep problems with the Arwyp Medical Centre administrative, as the result, click and open the link below to get the official Arwyp Medical Centre contact details.

Alternatively, you can drop your question(s) in our comment session below and We will strive to respond within 48hrs.

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