Central Johannesburg TVET College Application Status – cjc.edu.za Status Check

Track and access your application status online at the Central Johannesburg TVET College (CJC) website by following the steps below.

How to Check CJC Application Status 2024

There are a few ways to check your CJC application status, depending on which Central Johannesburg TVET College (CJC) campus you applied to and whether you applied online or in person.

How to Check Your CJC Status if You Applied Online:

The easiest way to check your application status is through the online portal where you submit your application.

  • Go to the cjc.edu.za
  • On the top header of the webpage, hover on “Apply Here”
  • Select “Local Application” or “International /Foreign Student”
  • scroll down and click on Click Here to Apply Online on the Student Portal
  • Login with the information you used to apply, then all information about your application will be displayed there.

How to Check Your CJC Status if You Applied Offline:

According to the CJC FAQs, you should receive an SMS notification regarding your application status. Check your inbox for any messages from the college.

If you haven’t received any updates after a reasonable amount of time, you can contact the CJC admissions office directly. You can find the contact information for all campuses on their website: https://cjc.edu.za/

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  1. Mungulwa Mpho Patricia

    Hi I forgot my student number and pin

  2. Hello since I apply I have not received any SMS or email,what must I do please I need respond.

    • Hi there,
      We are sorry that we are not the school website, please contact the official website for help.

    • Hello,I have applied but no response and you were waiting for my matric results and they have come out today. N I’m struggling to check my application status

  3. Luyanda Tia Ndlovu

    Hi I’m from CJC and i forgot my student number and pin I cant login

  4. I’m struggling to check my application status

  5. Kamohelo Gregory Mphana

    I want to know about my application status whether ive been accepted

  6. I applied for 2021 but i didn’t get confirmation so i reapplied for 2022, what should i do if i still don’t get confirmation of when i should start at school

  7. How do I track my application progress

  8. Hello how to check status online?

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  10. Hello, i have a student number. N pin can i go register at campus. Without sms

  11. I’m struggling to check my application and I’ve tried clicking the link but it just takes me to the home page

  12. Hi there

    Which link should i use to upload my documents..or the one to use to access the ienabler so as i can login

  13. Hey there which Link can I use to upload my documents

  14. I applied for 2022 but when im trying to apply again it says i already have a student number which i do not know pls help

  15. How to check the status of cjc .help please

  16. Hello I have applied but I haven’t yet got the sms back from you n you were waiting for my matric results and they came our today

  17. Which link should I use to track my application status

  18. I have applied for 2022 but I didn’t get confirmation of when to start studying

  19. Hi im struggling to check my application status can someone plz help me

  20. I’ve applied for some curse but I never get any respond

  21. I’ve applied but I didn’t get any response

  22. I’ve applied I didn’t get any response

  23. I’ve applied

  24. It would be a deam come true if you respond and help me to persuade my studies

  25. I have applied I never got respond and I can’t check my status also

  26. I can’t check my application status

  27. hi there i want to check my application whether is successful

  28. I want to upload documents

  29. i applied last month on the 10may when can I check the status whether it’s successful or not

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