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The accredited list of all Damelin College Short Courses, Courses and Faculties for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and International Student are available below. Choose a Course today at Damelin College.

People Asked: What courses are offered at Damelin College? Does Damelin College offer teaching course? Is Damelin College still open for applications? Does Damelin College accept the higher certificate? Does Damelin College accept diploma?

Available Courses at Damelin College

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Data Analytics (Data Analytics)
  • Certificate in Project Management (Project Management)
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel (Excel)
  • Certificate in Hospitality Management (Hospitality Management)
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)
  • Certificate in Finance for Non Finance Managers (Finance for Non Finance Managers)
  • Certificate in Accounting (Accounting)
  • Certificate in Marketing Management (Marketing Management)
  • National Certificate in Information Technology (NCIT) Level 4
  • Certificate in Strategic Management
  • Certificate in Business Administration (Business Administration)
  • Certificate in Public Administration (Public Administration)
  • Certificate in Sustainable Development Studies (Sustainable Development Studies)
  • Certificate in Risk and Disaster Risk Management
  • Certificate in Events Management

Diploma Courses

  • National Diploma in Public Relations (Public Relations)
  • National Diploma in Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)

Online Courses

  • Certificate in Advanced Brand Strategy
  • Certificate in Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Advanced Microsoft Word
  • Certificate in Agile Human Resources
  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Business Managers
  • Certificate in Beginner Microsoft Excel
  • Certificate in Business Systems Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance
  • Certificate in Intermediate Microsoft Excel
  • Certificate in Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Certificate in Introduction to Management
  • Certificate in Information Technology Management
  • Certificate in Labour Law
  • Certificate in Logistics Management
  • Certificate in Managing Social Media Risks
  • Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation in Community Development Projects
  • Certificate in Understanding Change Management
  • Certificate in Education Technology in the Classroom
  • Foundation in Teaching ( Grade R)
  • Foundation in Teaching (Early Childhood)
  • Learn to teach Online
  • Teaching Remedial Learning Support
  • Certificate in Adobe Design Applications
  • Certificate in Emotional Intelligence
  • Online Personal Branding Course
  • Certified Digital Marketing Associate (DMI Essentials)
  • Certificate in Negotiation for Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate in Operations Management
  • Certificate in Public Relations Management
  • Certificate in Sales Fundamentals
  • Certificate in Mind Power for Successful Managers
  • Principles of Active Citizenship
  • Certificate in Principles of Graphic Design
  • Certificate in User Experience /User Interface Design
  • Certificate in Big Data
  • Certificate in Coding for Websites
  • Certificate in Cyber security Fundamentals
  • Certificate in Fundamentals of Mobile App Design
  • Introduction to JavaScript Course
  • Certificate in Virtual Reality Development
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Search Marketing
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital and Social Selling
  • Certified Digital Marketing (DMI Pro)

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