Eta College Admission 2022: How to Apply Online for Registration


The Eta College has sent an invitation to Prospective undergraduate, postgraduate and international students to apply online today. Therefore, it is best to apply as soon as possible ➡  Application Deadline for 2022.

Eta College Application 2022

How to Apply Online for eta College Application 2022

Step 1: Get the Application Form

Online Application 

  • Click on theApply to eta College Online Above to open eta College Application Portal
  • Then on the portal, click “Apply Now”.
  • Need Assistance? On the application portal, you’ll be privileged to have a live chat.

Manual Application

  • Click and open the “Apply to Eta College Manually”
  • You will need to choose which campus you would like to study.
    • You can view and compare their different campuses and find the one nearest to you.

Step 2: Complete Your Form

Online Application

  • Complete the application form as it prompts you.

Manual Application

  • Complete your application form in a black pen.
  • Be sure to initial each page of the application (your parent/guardian needs to do this if you aren’t 18 years old yet).

You can post your application to the address provided on the campus-specific application form.

Step 3: Pay the Application Fee

Online Application

Paying your application fee will be a part of your online application and you will be prompted to pay the application fee at the end of the process. They will give you the exact steps.

Manual Application

You will need to download and complete the payment schedule form, choose your payment method, provide your details, and then attach the payment schedule to your application form when you post or hand-deliver it.


To apply online, you will need

  • Internet access.
  • A valid personal email address (should you not have an e-mail account, please open one before proceeding with your online application).
  • Your latest school results – Example: Grade 11 final or grade 12 June or September or final school-leaving results – No Grade 12 March results.
  • A valid SA ID number or passport number
  • A valid cell number correctly, as your application status will be communicated via cellphone


  • Tel: 086 138 2265
  • Email:



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