False Bay TVET College Admission 2022: How to Apply Online for Registration


The False Bay TVET College has sent an invitation to the Prospective undergraduate, postgraduate and international students to apply online today. Therefore, it is best to apply as soon as possible ➡  False Bay College Application Deadline for 2022.

False Bay College Application 2022

How to Apply Online for False Bay College Application 2022

  • Applicants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Submit certified proof of residence and a certified copy of your parents or guardians I.D with your False Bay TVET College acceptance letter.
  • Complete biographical and programme registration forms and a Finance Agreement and Student Code of Conduct.
  • Your first installment fee is now due (Private Student). This must please be paid into our bank account. Account details available upon request.  Feel free to use the campus debit/credit card facility.  You will be issued a proof of registration on completion of your registration. Please check your document to ensure that you are registered correctly.
  • With proof of payment or white bursary slip, you may now register.
  • Bursary Applicant: Click here!

Once your application is reviewed you may be required to attend an interview. 


  • Please be punctual for your interview.
  • The following documents are required for your interview, if not already submitted with your application:
    • Copy of your I.D./ Birth Certificate
    • Latest school report / academic results
    • Certified Qualifications
      Proof of residence e.g.: Municipal Account
  • ALL applicants from school and other colleges: Personal Profile form completed by your school (you may submit this after the interview if you have not yet been issued with the form).

Please inform the interviewer if you have any disabilities.


Once you have completed your interview, you will receive an SMS from False Bay TVET College informing you of one of the following:

  • You have been accepted to register, pending the submission of your final results to the Campus. You may now register with proof of payment or white bursary slip.
  • You are on a waiting list.  Programme availability is being finalized.
  • You have unfortunately not been accepted.  You either have not met the minimum entrance requirements for the programme selected or the programme is full.


Only completed application forms with the following documents will be considered.

  • Birth Certificate/Identity Document (Proof of application for new ID/Passport)
  • Most recent Academic results
  • Certificates/Qualifications
  • Municipal billing document/other account statements (not older than 3 months)
    • Foreign Nationals
      • Study Permit (valid for a duration of the study period)
      • SAQA Foreign Qualifications Evaluation (www.saqa.org.za)
      • Passport


Students with special needs should please contact our Inclusive Education Office on 021) 788 8373.


  1. I would like with my whole life to one of the learns at False Bay College because I think that will be a big breakthrough for me and may be able to achieve my goal so that I may have a better future. I a still a teenager that’s 19 years of age this year please I’m in need of help to study


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