How can I blacklist my cellphone as a South African?

If you are in need of easy steps on how to blacklist your stolen cellphones, below are the set-out codes to help you through it.

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Blacklist Your Stolen Cellphone

Inform your network provider of your loss through the short digit.

Cell C

140 from Cell C numbers or 084-140 from other cellphone networks.


135 from MTN numbers or 083-1-173 from a landline or other cellphone networks.


111 from a Vodacom number or 082-111 from a landline.

Thereafter, you will receive a reference number to prove that your cellphone has been blacklisted.

Report the loss of your cellphone also to your nearest police station by providing the reference number of your black-listed cellphone.

The police will then register a case.

A national police coordinator will receive monthly reports of the number of cell phones that have been robbed and stolen all over the country. He/she will then compile a national database of cellphones that had been black-listed in that month.

Source: South Africa Police Service (SAPS)

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