How Do I Cancel or Add a Unisa Module?


  • You need to log in to myUnisa to add or cancel a module.
  • Please note that if you voluntarily cancel your registration of a module for any reason whatsoever, you will forfeit a part of or the entire fee paid as prescribed in the fee payment schedule.

Please also take note of Unisa’s academic progression rules on the number of modules you are required to pass per year.


  • Students who decide not to register for an academic year or a semester must apply for deferment (permission to not register for a concurrent academic year) by submitting the DSAR26 form before the closing date of each registration period. The form cannot be used to cancel or move your current registration to the next semester or academic year.
  • A student cannot apply for deferment after he or she has registered for a semester or academic year.

You can also click below to get myUnisa APS.

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