How to Create Damelin College Student Email

Student Email at the Damelin College – Student Email is given to all students upon admission to the Damelin College. If you access your Damelin College email, below are the basic tips to help you through.

“FAQs: What type of email is a student email? How Do I Access My Student Email After Resetting Password? How do I change my email? How do I reset my student email password? What do I do if I forgot my student portal password? How do I retrieve my password? How can I reset my password? How do I change my email and password?”

How to Create Damelin College Student Email

Step 1:

Click here to Create your student email using mailbox

Step 2:

Provide the requested information(s)

Step 3:

Follow the steps till completion, then ‘sign in.’

If you are having any difficulties on educational matters, drop a comment for us using the comment box below and we will get back to you within 24hrs – 48hrs. For deeper enquiries, please direct your questions to the contact info below.

  • General: +27 860 532 887
  • Registration: +27 (11) 796 2000
  • Customer Care: 0861 338 267
  • Email:

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  1. Refiloe Nkheloane

    I forgot my email and password for student log in.

  2. Hello. I’m a student at Maluti TVET College. I forgot my password for my email account I’m unable ti access it please help.

  3. I am having difficulties with uploading my documents and it’s been a while now…please help me on what I should do.

  4. I need help, I lost my email address and password that I created to create my profile at elangeni tvt college so I need to create a new profile please help me out I need to go to school

  5. Good day i need help i am a former study intake of 2017 since ive learn at zimbane college its been difficult to recieve my statementz and certificate from N4 to N5 …..
    I need help what can i do because i am staying to anotjer province

  6. I tried to appy this year and I had a problem with the network then I had to start afresh and it says I have student number and I don’t have it

  7. Hello i forgot my username ,password and lost the number i used to apply with. How can i do to login

  8. I’m requesting for my student number I did get it when I was applying

  9. I didn’t receive email after now I can’t be able to check my application status

  10. Hi please help me I forgot my student number and pin

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