How to Create TUT Student Email

Student Email at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) – Student Email is given to all students upon admission to the TUT. If you access your Tshwane University of Technology, TUT student email, below are the basic tips to help you through.

“FAQs: What type of email is a student email? How Do I Access My Student Email After Resetting Password? How do I change my email? How do I reset my student email password? What do I do if I forgot my student portal password? How do I retrieve my password? How can I reset my password? How do I change my email and password?”

How to Create TUT Student Email

Get fast, easy, reliable e-mail, with spam protection and plenty of storage. Registered students’ TUT4Life accounts also provide for access to the Internet in the computer labs, ERC’s and i-Centres. To access your account for the first time please follow these easy steps.​​

Step 1:

Click here to Create your student email using mailbox

Step 2:

Using the example given, type in your email (eg.

Step 3:

Follow the steps till completion, then sign in

Reset your TUT Student Email Password

Step 1:

If you wish to reset your password, simply navigate to

Step 2:

and provide the following information;

  • Student Number
  • ID / Passport Number

Step 3:

An email will be sent to you through your mail, click on the link sent to reset your password, then login.

If you are having any difficulties on educational matters, drop a comment for us using the comment box below and we will get back to you within 24hrs – 48hrs. For deeper enquiries, please direct your questions to the contact info below.

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  1. Plzzz change the wrong email and put the original one

  2. Good evening. I can’t access my study material. I dont know how to login cos when i enter my email address it saying it does not exist on tut

  3. Ramatsimela Mashegoana

    Good day.
    May you please help me on how to create a student number. I called TUT helpline and was told to open my Computer and create, but i’m struggling. I sent my application forms but they said, it doesn’t reflect on their database because i didn’t add student number.

  4. When i reset mi password my email address doesn’t open

  5. When ever I apply for TUT4life it says it has technical problems I am registered with k2 nd can access my its credentials what more sholud I do to have a student email to access my tutor

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