How to Upload Documents for TNC Application?

Students often ask questions like How Do I Upload Documents For My TNC Document for Application? 

Before applying to the Tshwane North TVET College, TNC, the required documents must be ready for upload.

These documents guarantee safety and it qualifies you to study at the right time and age.


The documents required to be uploaded are listed on the Tshwane North TVET College supporting Documents Page.

Should you forget to upload them, Tshwane North TVET College will indicate “outstanding documents” on your portal.

How to Upload Documents for TNC Application?

Here’s how to upload the needed documents for your application.

STEP 1:-

Navigate to the school website


Open your Emailing application/Program and type in engineering in the “TO” text Field.


On the “SUBJECT” text field,type in “Second Trimester Application Document”


Type in your student number, Full name and ID number in the main body field of the email.


Proceed to attach your certified documents in PDF format as listed below and save, before sending.

  • Birth certificate/Identity Document (Proof of application for new ID/Passport)
  • Certificates/Qualifications
  • Recent academic Result
  • Proof of Residence (not than 3 months)
  • A valid Study Permit (Foreign national students)
  • The South African Qualification Authority’s (SAQA) Evaluation Certificate (foreign qualification)

After this, you will need to pay your application fee of R115. Here’s some guidance on how to do that.

If you’ve finished your application and received confirmation from the university that they’ve received it, then you’re going to want to keep updated with where and how far your application is.

The way to do that is to track your application. Here’s how you can do that.

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