IEB Matric Past Paper for Geography

Preparing for your Matric exams by revising past papers is the best way to get through your exams.

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Sometimes passing your end year exams can be tricky. You’re not alone! Here are some tips and tricks to help you pass your IEB Geography exam.

Tips and tricks for passing IEB Geography


To do well in your Geography exam, you really need to know your theory. Spend a bit of time every day doing your homework or going through sections that may have been slightly confusing.


Study groups are a great way to learn from your friends. It’s also a great way for you to explain the theory out loud and see which sections you know and which need a bit more work.


Learning to apply the theory is just as important as knowing the theory off by heart. Most of the questions you’ll encounter will be application-based.


Each teacher has a different way of explaining the theory and maybe a different teachers method might make more sense to you! Try a tutor or even a teacher on youtube!

IEB Matric Past Paper for Geography

Matric Past papers are a great way for you to practise both your theory and your application. Knowing your work is only one part of passing. In order to do well, you must understand how to apply what you’ve leant.

These past papers prepare you and help you pick up which topics require more focus, to ensure you get good results.

How to View IEB Geography Matric Past Paper


Open –


On the Past IEB Papers Library, scroll down and select ‘Geography’ from the list of courses that is displayed.


Click on the year of your choice to download or view the Geography past papers from 2015 – 2020 etc.

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