Metro Police Application Forms 2022 – How to Apply

The Metro Police invite suitably qualified unemployed youth who meet the following requirements to apply for a post of Professional Metro Police Officer.

Metro Police
Metro Police Training Academy

Metro Police Application Forms 2022: Duration / Programme Overview

12-month training that consists of:

SA law Overload control
Criminal law Basic accident recording
Specific common law crimes Completion of Section 56 & 341
Criminal Procedure Act Dangerous goods
Law of evidence Incident management
Constitutional law Stop and approach of vehicles
Administrative powers Practical survival skills
Powers derived from certain legislation Basic first aid
Use of force Drill manoeuvres
Interpretation of statues; Physical fitness
Animal Protection Act Physical Education
NRTA 29/1989 & 93/1996 Selected fire-arm skills
Systematic examination of vehicles Dimensions and projections on vehicles
By-law policing

Basic Requirement for Metro Police Officers

Before applying for a Tshwane Metro Police post, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Be between 18 to 35
  • Have Matric/grade 12 certificate
  • Have a valid driver’s licence
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Be prepared to work under pressure
  • Not have a tattoo
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Be a resident of Tshwane
  • No criminal record



After completing training there are different units that one can join, such as:

  • Bicycle Unit
  • By-law Unit
  • Investigation Unit
  • Communication Unit
  • Dog Unit/K9
  • Equestrian Unit
  • Regional Policing Unit
  • Freeway/Speed Unit
  • Task team /Motorbike Unit
  • Social crime Unit
  • Taxi Unit
  • TRT – Tactical Rapid Transport
  • Diplomatic Unit
  • Road Policing Unit
  • Crime Prevention Unit
  • Cable Theft Unit
  • Employee Wellness Unit
  • Ceremonial Unit
  • Logistics Unit
  • Drug Unit
  • Fitness Unit
  • Transgression Unit

How to Apply:

The process to follow after the positions are advertised is as follows:

  • A complete CV — stating all the information of the candidate — must be handed in to the Tshwane recruitment officers, before the closing date of the advertisement.
  • The Human Resources Division will handle the pre-selection of the candidates.
  • A specific pre-selection process will be followed as indicated by the Department of Community Safety. All selection criteria for evaluations are determined by the HOD or his/her nominee.
  • After completing the pre-selection process, candidates will undergo interviews and medical evaluation.
  • After these processes, the top successful candidates will be appointed as student constables.

The Human Resource Management Section will advertise positions when available.

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  1. Hi
    I really want to be a metro police but my problem is I’m rewriting my matric this November,so what must i do since matric is required

    • Hi there,
      Before applying, Make sure you meet the required documents listed in the above post.
      Then click on the link to fill the Metro Police Application form.

  2. Hi,I’m struggling to get 2022 Metro Police Application Form can I get any Wed site I’m willingly to join by next year.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello
    Why does the above link that says, “Metro Police Application Forms 2022” keeps redirecting me to the SAPS application form?

  4. I love this job because they save people lives and they now what the are doing I just want to see my self working on metropolice because they are lot of criminals and the abuses n hijacking

  5. I’m quiet obsessed with EMPD, it has always been a dream to be a part of the metro police and I keep praying each and every single day that one day I will be in that uniform. The God I pray for will answer my prayers🙏😭😭

  6. When is closing date for JMPD learnership applications ref SS49/21 for 2022 and what is the correct email address to send the JMPD Application form and supporting documents

  7. Hi my name is Kebone,
    I’m turning 30years old this year. Can I still be legible for applying for the metro police training vacancy?
    If yes.
    How can I apply and be called up.

  8. Hi there I can’t find the link to apply for Buffalo city metro.can I get an alternative way to apply because I really need this job.

  9. I’m also doing grade 12 this yeah so I wanna apply for next yeah in 2023 n I’m 18 years this year how do I apply or do I wait until next year

  10. Good day
    I would like to apply to become a law enforcement officer. What is the process and how can I become one
    Kind regard

  11. Hi I’m Gugulethu from Gauteng
    I’ve seen the application link of metro police and traffic learnership 2022 so I decided to take this opportunity and run with it since it appeared On me.It will really be a great pleasure to be one of the team member.Thank you

  12. I would like to become a member of Metro police.
    I do have a good communication skills team work
    Also helpful
    I have a driver’s licence C1
    I need to apply for the job and am falling to do so can someone please help me to apply.
    Cellphone number: 0814195582 also WhatsApp.

  13. I would really like to join the organisation, I am qualified to be part of the organisation. If there is an open vacant please notify me.
    Thank you.

  14. I’m capable to fixed my country with my team members let be crime stoppers.i wish to get an application form by the way I’m staying in KZN (Durban) my number 0618235286 if you get a form call me or whtaspp plz plz

  15. Hello let hope you well good people
    I would like to join this organization, I have grade 12 I want to study police department or metro if there is an open vacant please contact me

    My phone number is

  16. im deaf i want to be apply for the metro police im a hard work and faith that whether the work it give hard time to manager the work but i can do whatever is because i believe that we all learning

  17. I don’t knw why we have a age restriction on applying for a police, traffic or SA Army officer I think if a person is mentally or physically fit to help in protecting the people of this country he or she should apply for any of these positions I mean crime is taking over in our country there is no way we can have 1 police officer for every what 20 citizens no man let us join if I’m 40 years old and I’m fit to join the police force than let me it is so sad

  18. Hello … if you apply are you able to pick a department you wish to work for in the metro police … as for I would like to work in the K9 UNIT ….

  19. Will be with it to metro as I’m 35years have worked 13years as a police reservist with a huge serious arrest and have been committed even the was no remuneration i did all the best i could to make our community feel safer

  20. I was a student from chrysalis academy , I’m also interested in joining Metro , can you please help me what must i do?

  21. Hi am interested in Metro police well I met all the requirements of Metro police.Can u please help me with applying this post please,here is my contact….073 281 8826/060 742 7659


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