NSFAS Application Evaluation – Process and steps explained.

Here Are the Steps and Processes for Your Nsfas Application.

NSFAS Application
NSFAS Application Process.

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NSFAS Application Process – Step-by-step guide

Application Submission

Your application has been loaded on the NSFAS system.


The system checks if you are a returning student and whether you have any previous qualifications.


NSFAS conducts third party checks with SASSA/Department of Home affairs.


We verify all documents you submitted during your application.

Funding Eligibility

We verify the household financial status declared in your application.

Awaiting Academic Results/Admission

We check your academic result and institution admission status to ensure that you meet the requirements.

Awaiting Registration

We receive registration data from your institution to enable us to create a bursary agreement.

The Signing of The Agreement

At this stage, you need to sign your bursary agreement for NSFAS to release your allowance.


Your allowances are now paid through the NSFAS mobile wallet system or through your institution.

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  1. X3x$d, hhl

  2. I was raised by a single mother
    I want to study but have not yet been approved on my nsfas application I do not have money for registration actually ……my mother do not have that money our only hope was for me to get nsfas so that I could study at institution

  3. Hi, my application is stuck on Evaluation.

    My details are AM Zwane by the Identity number 0201125463087.

    I am registered for my first year at Mangosuthu University of Technology.

    Your assistance will be appreciated as I need to clear for funding and get accommodation at the Campus.

  4. Hi! My application had been stuck on stage 2 since last year. I like to know how many chances of getting funding or is it advisable to re-apply

  5. My status stacked on funding eligibility since November. How long does it take to move to the next step. 0827358070

    • Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to how long it will take to move to the next step, as processing times can vary depending on several factors. Here are some possibilities:

      Possible reasons for the delay:

      System issues: NSFAS may be experiencing technical difficulties with their backend systems, causing delays in processing applications.

      SARS verification: NSFAS relies on information from SARS (South African Revenue Service) to verify financial eligibility. If there’s any discrepancy in the information or it takes longer for SARS to provide the necessary data, it can hold up your application.

      Missing documents: Double-check that you uploaded all the required documents correctly and in the accepted formats. Missing or incomplete documents can also stall your application.

      High volume of applications: During peak application periods, NSFAS receives a large number of applications, which can lead to longer processing times.

      What you can do:

      Contact NSFAS: The best way to get a clear update on your application is to contact NSFAS directly. You can call their toll-free number at 0800 672 277 or visit their website and submit a query through the “Contact Us” section.

      Check the NSFAS website:
      The NSFAS website provides regular updates on application processing times and common reasons for delays. You can find this information on the “Application Status” page.

      Monitor your application status regularly: Keep checking your application status on the myNsfas website for any changes. If your status hasn’t changed for several weeks, it might be worth contacting NSFAS again.

      Be patient: While it can be frustrating, try to be patient. Processing applications takes time, and there may be valid reasons for the delay.

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