Red and Yellow School Fees


Red and Yellow Fee Structure Saves as Fees Guide to help the student of the institution through the payment processes.

Red and Yellow School Fees

Degree Courses Fees


  • Cost: ZAR 93 500
    • Upfront Application Acceptance fee of ZAR 9 500 PLUS
    • An annual class fee of ZAR 93 500* payable upfront OR
    • Monthly payments (35 months): ZAR 9 799
    • T&Cs apply
    • *Subject to an annual increase

Advanced Diploma Courses Fees

  • Advanced Diploma in user-centred Design
    • Cost: ZAR 84 500
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing & Advertising Communications
    • Cost: ZAR 84 500

Certificate Courses Fees

  • National Certificate in Design Techniques
    • Cost: ZAR 59 500
  • National Certificate in Advertising: Creating Digital Content
    • Cost: ZAR 59 500

Red and Yellow Payment Methods

Payment may be made via VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The decision to accept any other method/s of payment shall be entirely within Red & Yellow’s sole discretion.

With credit card payments, if the bank’s authorisation is not obtained your application for registration will be cancelled.

Credit card transactions will be acquired for Red & Yellow via our payment gateway partner Paygate.

The Merchant outlet country of the time of presenting payment options to the cardholder is South Africa and the transaction currency is the South African Rand (ZAR).

If you select to pay via EFT the payment must be identified by supplying your reference and invoice number in the reference section of the electronic transfer confirmation. Simply using the reference Red and Yellow will not enable us to allocate a payment to your account.


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