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How Do I Register at SANC for Nurses or Midwives? There is only one way to find out, read on.

Before Using the SANC eRegister Portal

  • SANC eRegister has been designed to be as simple to use as possible.
  • If you read the instructions on each screen and follow them, you should not have any difficulty.
  • Take a moment to read through the Help page before getting started as it contains additional information to assist you.
  • Please read all note boxes carefully – they contain important information about the information displayed using eRegister.

SANC Electronic Register of Nurses & Midwives

To register for SANC Electronic Registration of Nurses & Midwives, simply follow the steps below;


Go to SANC’s official web page –


On the menu bar, hover on Registered Nurses & Midwives’ and click on eRegister’


Simply go to ‘Quick Links’ on the right side of your laptop screen, then select ‘eRegister’.


On the South African Nursing Council Electronic Register of Nurses and Midwives portal, Select this statement ➡ “Click here to start the eRegister system”.


To use the eRegister Portal, users must READ AND ACCEPT THE CONDITIONS, by clicking “I Accept the Conditions of Use” you have agreed to all protocols enlisted.


According to the page, Enter SANC Number OR SA Identity Number and ‘Find’. (Please enter the South African Identity Number without any spaces.)


SANC Number

  • Each nurse is uniquely identified on the eRegister using his or her South African Nursing Council (SANC) Number.
  • This number consists of eight digits and always starts with a ‘1’.
  • The SANC Number is quoted as the reference number in all correspondence from the Nursing Council and is also used as an account number for financial transactions.
  • The SANC Number is the ONLY way that all practitioners can be positively identified in the eRegister.

SA Identity Number

  • The eRegister contains the SA Identity Number of over 95% of practitioners – those who have provided certified copies of their identity documents to the Nursing Council.
  • Unfortunately, some foreign nurses do not have SA identity documents while some other nurses still have to submit the relevant copies.
  • So this information is NOT complete.
  • If you fail to trace a practitioner using an SA Identity Number, please try to establish his or her SANC Number.
  • Each practitioner should be able to provide you with this number.

Do You Have Problems Using eRegister?

  • First, Please check to see if the cause of the problems is from your PC and its software.
  • Confirm from another PC to see if you get the same results OR at a later time.
  • If you still have any difficulty using eRegister, please take careful note of any error message shown.
  • The error message doesn’t help. take a moment or two to read the Help page and also the FAQs Page to see if you can solve the problem.


Reach out to the Call Centre on 012 420-1000 OR email otherwise, read more.


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