SASSA R350 Grant Status –

Check SASSA Status- The South African Social Security Agency, SASSA R350 Grant Status for 2024 participants.

Having done the SASSA Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant and R350 grant applications have been submitted, you might be doing an SRD grant status check.

SASSA grant status is open for successful applicants therefore your SRD grant application status might reflect as ‘Application Outcome‘.

How to check SASSA Grant Status

Below are the step-by-step guide on how to check the SASSA R350 Grant Status;

Step 1:

Log in to:

Step 2:

A few things will be needed from you to access the portal;

  • South African ID Number of Applicant
  • Phone Number used to submit your Application

Step  3:

After a successful login, head over to the information i.e. check your “SASSA Grant Status“.

Step 4:

Once you check your R350 grant application status and you see ‘Application Complete’, it means that you have completed the reapplication process and after this, you will then be verified every month after that for the grant.


Should your application be approved, you won’t have to be applying every month.

To keep you activated, you need to check your verification and payment status each month using the SASSA SRD official website –


Once you’ve been approved, it’s important to remember that there is no set SRD grant payment date.

SASSA has said that if your application has been approved, you will receive payment for it. You do however then have to wait for an SMS notification of payment from SASSA.

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  1. Goitsemodimo Mokate

    Hi, since last year 2021 on August I applied for R350 grant relief and never received it. I did went to Benoni SASSA offices for reconsideration but until today never heard anything not even to receive money.

  2. Been approved for my appeal my problem is I was using post office nou dat post office no longer working with sassa nou am struggling to change to bank account or to boxer course dis sassa website is bull

  3. Hi since last i lost phone number idint get grat fo 2month november n december so even this year my son broking sim card n appliy on march i traiy to make simswap bt they wont sucid so the number i use it 0676272704 n i need to change it to that number 0691426550 i m glat if my conce it prof plz help me even today nothing ireceive money ID number( 82092256+++++) cell phone (+++1426+++)

  4. Anna ikgoteng letshwiti

    I want so long I did nt receive my 350 grant but some get it

  5. Anna ikgoteng letshwiti

    Why some people get they 350grant but me nothing and I apply already

  6. I use to receive my 350via my child social grant card march 2022 was the last time I did recieve the money did re submit 3 times but just so pending please assist me call me on 07******20 please help me and reply

    thank you

  7. I want to change my banking details

  8. I applied in March 2022 till today I’ve never received any money but all the past months are aproved

    • Hi it’s Raadiyah Abraham’s I did apply march month but I’m still waiting for the message from sassa I did speak to someone at sassa twice so they told me that I am wait in a que because there is a lot of people that is waiting also he can’t tell me how long will it take but I’m still waiting I don’t know you must do your work right mahn and I did receive a message with my phone number and a verification code it shows it’s from cloud guest I don’t know with a password also but I don’t know if it is from sassa srd let me know if it is and how must I make please mahn people do your work right plz and if I want to check my status it every time just shows failed or if I apply again it shows grant application already active but I can’t even check status like really know

  9. Don-Michael Brummer

    i need help pls

  10. Marina Kleinschmidt

    The system states failed so I can’t move any further. What must I do now

  11. I have been receiving the money for 6 months in two months but last month it stopped cause I’m not able to view the payment date

  12. Good day I have sent a msg regarding my 350 I have not been getting my 350 January was the last time plz can this be sorted out I am unemployed and this was helping for neccessity needs if you don’t mind also nobody has contacted me since I requested a call back

  13. Lindiwe Ningiza Lobishe

    I am not receiving my R350 because I am married and it says I am receiving other income but I don’t have income. Please help me I do the appeal but there no answer



  14. morning everyone i just want to ask why has i bne declinend for may mounth and i did pay in june mounth is there something wrong because i havend work like in the last couple of years may mounth is the onley mounth that if being declinend please help me iam suffering now…

  15. Why is July month stil pending…. Is 084 already approved or is it still pending… Can someone help me…. Or give advice please


    its say pending all the time

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