South African Citizenship Requirements

South Africa is a land where breathtaking landscapes meet vibrant cultures, adrenaline-pumping adventures mixed with laid-back vibes, and warm smiles greet you at every turn. It’s a place that will leave you breathless, inspired, and forever changed.

Several people want to stay permanently in South Africa but don’t know how or what to do. Here’s an overview of how to be eligible for naturalization in South Africa.

How to Become a South African Citizen

There are several ways for an outsider to gain South African citizenship, each with its requirements and processes.

SA Citizenship By Birth

You are automatically a South African citizen if you were born in South Africa to at least one South African parent.

If you were born outside of South Africa to a South African parent, you may be eligible for citizenship by descent.

By Naturalization

This is the most common way for outsiders to become South African citizens.

To qualify, you must generally have lived in South Africa for at least five years on a permanent residence permit.

You must also meet other requirements, such as

  • Being financially self-sufficient
  • Having no criminal record
  • Being able to speak English or Afrikaans.

By Marriage

If you are married to a South African citizen, you may be eligible for citizenship after three years of marriage.

You must meet other requirements, such as;

  • Living in South Africa with your spouse for three years
  • Having no criminal record.

By adoption

If a South African citizen adopts you, you may be eligible for citizenship.

The requirements for adoption vary depending on the circumstances.

As an Exceptional Skills Applicant

If you have exceptional skills or qualifications that are in demand in South Africa, you may be eligible for citizenship through the Exceptional Skills Visa program.


The South African government website has a wealth of information about the different ways to become a citizen, don’t hesitate to seek them out.

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