Thursday, August 18, 2022

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NSFAS Applications is Closed!

This is to inform all NSFAS funding students that the Application for January 2022 is closed for now and will be reopened for Applications...

NSFAS Login – My NSFAS Student Portal

Why Do I Need a Student Portal? UMP Student Online Services (SOS) gives you access to your student data – anytime and from anywhere. People also...

Why Would NSFAS Reject My Funding Mid-Way?

ANSWER Household income exceeding NSFAS requirements. Exceeded years of study. The student already obtained a diploma/degree. NSFAS does not fund a second undergrad Qualification.

Does NSFAS Cover Gym Fees, Societies, Re-Exam Fees, Library Fines?

ANSWER No, you as the student are liable for these costs.

I Am from Out of Town and Want to Move Into NSFAS Accommodation Mid-Year?

ANSWER You need to get permission from the financial aid offices as adjustments to your allowances will need to be made.

What Is the Effect of Registering NSFAS Modules Very Late in The Second Semester?

ANSWER NSFAS provides the University with certain dates (cut-off dates) by when all students Registration templates must be uploaded. Therefore it could happen that the...

Will NSFAS Pay of The Accommodation Costs Relating to Accredited Off-Campus Accommodation via Housing...

ANSWER NSFAS has a set amount that they will pay for accommodation costs linked to Accredited Off-Campus Accommodation costs and if the amount exceeds the...

What Are the Benefits if Funded by NSFAS?

ANSWER Please refer to the NSFAS guidelines on the NSFAS website for the full bursary details. NSFAS cover tuition and accommodation if the student is from...

Can I Claim a Refund if I Have NSFAS and Another Bursary?

ANSWER The student can’t claim a refund as you qualify for NSFAS allowances and we will adjust the credit on the student account accordingly. Refunds can...

What Are the NSFAS Academic Progression Rules?

ANSWER For all returning students funded on the pre-2018 criteria, who are on NSFAS Grant funding, the criteria of 50% courses passed annually within the...

What Should I Do if I Experience Problems with The Online NSFAS Application Process...

ANSWER The student should contact their nearest NYDA branch to assist with the application process.

Do I Need to Re-Apply for NSFAS if Funded in 2022?

ANSWER No. Unless you did not receive NSFAS funding in 2021 or were rejected by NSFAS for funding in 2021 then you need to apply before...

Can I Have Two NSFAS Sponsors?

ANSWER No, if both sponsors are offering full bursaries. If you receive a partial bursary while holding NSFAS, the NSFAS bursary will be a top-up bursary.

#DigiLearning – NSFAS Laptop Requirements

When did you order your studying device, have you gotten it yet?  There are so many reasons why most students who order their laptops haven't...

How to Order Laptop from NSFAS – A Step-by-Step Guide

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, NSFAS has found necessary the use of laptop devices in all institutions, therefore, If you are NSFAS beneficiary...
NSFAS Reception Area

NSFAS Has Accepts Over 300 000 Applications – #NSFAS2022

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has received many applications since October 2022. By September, NSFAS had already reached more than 180 000...
NSFAS Change Number

How To Change Phone Number On MyNSFAS

There are a lot of questions concerning NSFAS today and How To Change Phone Number On MyNSFAS has always been a problem to some users,...

How To Create NSFAS Cash Voucher – NSFAS 2022

What is NSFAS? Who qualifies for Nsfas funding? How do I Apply at NSFAS? Is there an age limit for Nsfas? Are Nsfas Applications...
NSFAS Applications Open For TVET Colleges

NSFAS Trimester 2 (T2) Registration – NSFAS Applications Open For TVET Colleges

Applications for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding is now open for all TVET College students registering for Trimester 2 (T2). NSFAS Applications...

NSFAS Application Form – Create a NSFAS Profile

NSFAS Application Form – Create an NSFAS Profile. NSFAS Application Status: How to check on your NSFAS application, NSFAS Login, My NSFAS Account, NBA...