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The University of South Africa (UNISA) has sent invitations to students wishing to be re-admitted after being excluded on the basis of poor performance in qualification. Interested participants should carefully read and follow the Unisa re-admission rules (academic progression rules) provided below.

Unisa Re-Admission Rules/Requirement

These academic progression rules are applicable to all undergraduate Unisa students, irrespective of when you commenced your undergraduate studies at Unisa.

Unisa prescribes a set of minimum standards with which students must comply to ensure their continued registration with the university. These are set out in the Admission Policy.

Senate may decide to exclude students on the basis of poor academic performance.

Academically excluded students may appeal to the executive dean of the relevant college.

The Maximum Periods (including Deferment) in Which a Qualification Must Be Completed Are as Follows:

  • 120 credits: 4 years
  • 240 credits: 6 years
  • 360 credits: 8 years
  • 480 credits: 10 years

Students who do not complete a qualification within the prescribed maximum period will be excluded from further registration but may apply for admission in a new academic year. Such applications will be subject to normal admission criteria.

Students who are currently excluded or suspended from another institution on the grounds of misconduct will NOT be considered for admission.

Senate may reduce the maximum period in which a qualification must be completed (as set out above) upon application by a college.

  • For the purposes of compliance with this rule, NDP registrations and the results of all aegrotat and supplementary examinations will be taken into account.
  • Each year in which the student was registered at Unisa is included in the calculation of the period of registration, and not just the years in which the student was registered for a particular qualification.
  • In the case of a student who has completed a formal degree or diploma and is registered for a second or further qualification, only those years of registration after the completion of the degree or diploma will be taken into account for purposes of calculating the study period in respect of the second or further qualification.
  • Modules from which a student has been exempted will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of determining whether he or she should be re-admitted to the university. Similarly, a student’s previous academic performance at another university will not be taken into consideration.

Unisa Admission Declined – What it means.

Failure to pass the required number of modules will result in you not being able to study further at the undergraduate level.

A student wishing to be re-admitted to Unisa after being excluded on the basis of poor performance in qualification may only do so after providing proof of successful completion of a one-year certificate programme at NQF level 4, 5 or higher (with 48 credits) at another accredited institution or a Unisa short learning programme.

In order to satisfy the requirements of this rule, the student must have completed at least 48 credits before an application for re-admission will be considered.

How to Register for Unisa Online Registration 2022

At Unisa, you can register for Undergraduate qualifications, Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas, Master’s & doctoral degrees, and Short Learning Programmes. 

Unisa’s online registration process is quick and simple. Follow these steps to ensure that your registration is submitted successfully.

Step 1

Go to the Unisa registration website – http://registration.unisa.ac.za

Choose the qualification level and then click “Go“.

Step 2

Enter your student number in the block provided and the other details as required.

If you don’t have a student number you won’t be able to continue, therefore, you’ll need to apply online for admission. During this process, a student number will be generated and communicated to you.

Step 3

Check your personal details on the screen and change any contact details that are missing or incorrect.

It is very important to provide your correct address and cellphone numbers. Incorrect information may delay the delivery of your study material and prevent you from receiving important information from the university.

Step 4

Click on the modules from the drop-down list for which you want to register. Ensure that you meet all the qualification requirements for your selected modules. You must

  • Meet all the pre-requisites and co-requisites for the selected module
  • Enter the correct module code
  • Select the correct semester (1 = first semester; 2 = second semester)

The language of tuition for each module is indicated in the module information.

Step 5

Do not exceed the prescribed number of modules per semester or year, as this may result in a delay in your registration being processed.

Unisa retains the right to remove modules based on the number of credits allowed per semester and in accordance with the fees paid. Please take note of the maximum period of time you have to complete your qualification.

Step 7

Calculate your fees

  • Use the fee quotation link on the Unisa website (http://www.unisa.ac.za/feequote) to obtain a quote for the cost of your modules.
  • Note the minimum fee that must be paid before Unisa will process your registration. If these fees are more than you can afford, remove modules until you can afford the fees.
  • You can make payment online, using a credit card at http://www.unisa.ac.za/feepayment.
  • If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay at a First National Bank branch. Retain your proof of payment in case of enquiries.

Step 8

Submit your registration.

Should you not register for any reason, you will be required to re-apply for the next academic year.

Re-registering students can register for the academic year during the relevant registration period once they have received their registration details from Unisa.

Please Note:

  • If you receive an error message during the registration process, read the error message carefully and make the necessary changes to the modules or click on the “submit to advisor” button.
  • Your registration will only be finalized once Unisa has received your study fees. All fees must be paid by the relevant closing date for registration.
  • After payment, registration can not be processed, if the candidate did not apply for admission.
  • Incorrect registrations will be amended in compliance with college/qualification rules.
  • Unisa Online registration portal will be open once registration commences.


Unisa Registration Forms is also available for pdf downloads.

 ➡ Download Unisa Registration Forms .pdf

 ➡ Links to other Necessary Unisa Forms .pdf

Be patient while Unisa processes your registration. If you see that your registration will not be processed by the closing date for registrations, please visit your nearest Unisa Regional Office.

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