What Are the Benefits if Funded By NSFAS?


Being funded by NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) comes with a range of benefits for eligible students in South Africa, primarily covering financial support for tertiary education in public universities and TVET colleges.

Financial Aid

NSFAS covers the full cost of tuition and registration fees at your institution. This means you won’t have to worry about the financial burden of attending school.

You’ll receive a monthly living allowance to cover basic expenses like food, accommodation, and personal care. The amount varies depending on your location (urban, peri-urban, or rural) and whether you live on or off campus.

As of 2024, the annual allowances are:

  • Urban: R24,000
  • Peri-urban: R18,900
  • Rural: R15,750
  • Off-campus allowance: Additional top-up to the above depending on location

NSFAS also provides several additional allowances to help with specific expenses, including:

  • Transport allowance: Covers travel costs between your home and institution (up to R7,500 per year).
  • Book and stationery allowance: Helps with the cost of textbooks and other learning materials (around R7,500 per year).
  • Incidental care allowance: Covers personal care items like toiletries and sanitary products (R2,900 per year).

Beyond Finances

NSFAS makes higher education more accessible for financially disadvantaged students, promoting social mobility and empowering individuals through education.

By alleviating financial concerns, NSFAS allows students to focus on their studies and academic success without the burden of worrying about finances.

Additionally, being funded by NSFAS can often increase your chances of receiving further bursaries or scholarships from other institutions or organizations.


  • These are the general benefits, and specific amounts and eligibility criteria may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the year you apply.

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