What to Do About SRD R350 with No Payment Date

Are you one of the SASSA Special Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant successful applicants with no Payment Date?

There are several reasons why you are having this problem. People have been asking questions like;

Why Is My SASSA SRD R350 Approved but No Date?

This can happen if there is something wrong with the verification process or if there are too many pending applications on the site. Sassa is very particular about the eligibility and approval of all grants including the SRD R350.

Can You Get Your R350 without a Pay Date?

Clients who have been approved for the grant but have no payment date indicated on their January status or recent months and have selected Cash Send or Postbank as their payment method are encouraged to open a bank account and upload the information onto the system.

Why is my SRD grant approved but no pay date?

Those authorized but no longer paid will typically be those whose information is first-rate financial institution accounts, financial institution bills supplied failed financial institution account verification or financial institution money owed pending verification from National Treasury or those who have chosen cash ship payments. Banks and financial institution bills continue to have ongoing issues that are being worked on and improved.

What Do We Have to Say About This Problem?

In conclusion to all the answers above we advise that if you are one of the persons that encounter this problem, all you need to do is to update your payment information with an acceptable payment method (Bank Account) that is verified with SASSA.

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  1. I have 4 months approved don’t get dates for they 350

  2. Hi good day my application is approved now for 4 months i did upgrade my banking details but still no money i receive so what cab be the problem

  3. Hi good day my application is approved now for 4 months and i was selected cashesend but change it an open a account so i did put my banking detail in by sassa 350 grant but still didn’t receive any money and i did call the free toll number of sassa too so they said i must open me account so i did that but still nothing so what is the problem then

  4. comadre juvendal fortune

    all my months shows approved with no paydates from april 2022 till july 2023 and my bank account is also verfied so what can the problem be. my id nr 8701210117086 with cell phone nr 0785626286

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