Central Johannesburg TVET College Application Dates 2024/2025

The application dates for Central Johannesburg TVET College depend on whether you’re a new student or a returning student, and which semester or trimester you’re applying for.

SEE – Central Johannesburg TVET College Online Application 2024

Central Johannesburg TVET College Application Dates

The application dates for both returning and new students are available below;

New Students:

  • CJC General Application Dates: Applications for new students are open for Trimester 1 (starting January), Semester 1 (starting January), and Semester 2 (starting July).
  • Current Dates: Applications for Trimester 1 (starting January 2024) are open now and will close on 5th February 2024.
  • Late Applications: Late applications for Trimester 1 are accepted until 5th February 2024. However, it’s advisable to apply before the regular closing date to avoid potential delays.
  • Application Steps:
    • New students must complete a placement test before applying.
    • Once complete, you can proceed with the online application process, ensuring you upload all required documents.

Returning Students:

  • CJC Registration Periods: Returning students typically register during specific periods set by the college. These periods usually differ from new student application dates.
  • Contact College: Unfortunately, information regarding specific registration periods for returning students isn’t readily available online. It’s best to contact the college directly for updated information.


For more information, please do well by dropping a comment below and we will give you a positive reply.

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