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The University of Pretoria (UP) has sent invitations to students wishing to be re-admitted after being excluded on the basis of poor performance in qualification.

Re-registering students can register for the academic year during the relevant registration period.

How to Apply for UP Online Registration 2022

As a new/current student, undergraduate/postgraduate wishing to apply, the only way to achieve this is by clicking o the faculty you have been accepted in below.

Step 1: Financial Aspects

Pay the initial fee. Ideally, the initial payment should reflect on your student account two days before registration. It is important to keep in mind that cash payments reflect immediately, but EFT payments only reflect after five days. No cheques will be accepted.

Documentation (bank deposit slips, official university receipts, etc) must be presented upon request and if payments were made after the due dates.

If you have been notified that NSFAS is funding you, you will be informed via SMS that your initial fee has been waived.

You are not a registered student just by paying the initial fee. You are only a registered student once you have been issued proof of registration for the year.

Step 2: Documents, Dates and Venues

All students will be required to register online during the registration period. The registration schedule will be made available on the University’s website, which will indicate the dates for registration and the arrangements with regard to the exceptions.

Step 3: Log in to UP Student Portal

Click on the UP Student Centre link and check for holds in the right column of the student centre. If there are any holds, students will not be able to register.

Step 4: Register for Core Modules

First-year students, who are not sure about their curriculum, need to register for core modules only. Elective modules can be added after attending the orientation programme and curriculum advice.

First years with fixed curricula can register their modules as they appear on the registration page.

Current students are to register fully online from 4 January. There is no fixed registration schedule for these students.

Step 5: Proof of Registration

Proof of registration will be emailed to you after you have registered. You may download and print a proof of registration from the UP Student Portal after you have registered. Keep this proof in a safe place.

A duplicate can be obtained from the Student Service Centre at a prescribed fee per duplicate or can be downloaded free of charge on the UP Student Portal.

Note that proof of registration cannot be issued to a student without proof of identification (ID, student card, passport or driver’s licence).

You will only be able to register online or on-campus if your student contract has been correctly completed and delivered to UP, confirm that your initial payment has been paid.

Step 6: Tests – New first-year students only

The Academic Literacy Test is compulsory and has to be written by new first-year students during the orientation programme for registration and the start of the academic year.


This is not an admissions test.

The Academic Literacy Test does not replace the National Benchmark Test (NBT). For more information on the NBT, visit www.nbt.ac.za.


University of Pretoria (TUKS) Registration Guide is also available below;

Registration opens the first week in January.  Before a student can register, a registration fee or levy must be deposited into his student account.

International Students must also contact the International Office on campus. A levy must be paid to the International Office in addition to the registration deposit.  A student must also join an approved medical aid scheme.

Email address: isd@up.ac.za.

The last date for postgraduate students to register for an academic year is the end of March.

Students who are following a coursework programme must register before the end of February.


Be patient while UP processes your registration. If you see that your registration will not be processed by the closing date for registrations, please visit your nearest UP Online Assistance.

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